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Upload homepage using FileZilla

Start your newly installed FTP client FileZilla
Enter the required login information to the Red circle marked field , and click "Quickconnect"

After the login you should see the screen as below and double click "domains" folder and inside one level you should see your domain name folder,
double click in your domain name folder again,

Then you should see below screen, it shows "public_html" folder and all you need is put your web site file inside this folder.
So double click public_html folder again.

Finallly in the left hand plan is your local computer files and you could browse what file prefer to put for, and the right hand plan is the server files in the server.
Now going to next step ready for your site upload.

After you find the files at your local harddisk you could first highlight the first file by clicking on this file and the press the Shift key continous and then click on the last file that you want upload, then release both and click on the mouse right bottom and select Upload and all DONE.

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