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Adding email account to Microsoft Outlook 2010

Open your Outlook 2010 mail client program
Click on "File"

The following screen will appear, in the red circle area Select "Info" and then click "Add account", as shown below

Then you should see the following screen, then click "Email Account"

At this time the following screen appears, and then select "Manually configure server settings or additional server types"

At this time the following screen appears, and then select "Internet E-mail"

At this time the following screen appears, and enter all informaton required
Your name is used for display on your outgoing mail
Account Type: If you are using a laptop computer then IMAP would be more appropriate, but in this example it is in desktop computer so set up POP3 is fine
If you own a domain name "domain.com", then the incoming mail server name should be mail.domain.com, in this example our domain name is "example.com" then;
POP3 Incoming mail server : mail.example.com
SMTP Outgoing mail server : smtp.example.com
User Name is your full email address
It is worth noting that if you are living in the Mainland, please do not tick: "Test Account Settings by clicking the Next button" option, because in mainland network environments it do not allow send email to myself and will cause an error message appear
and then click "More Settings"

The following screen appears, click the "Outgoing Server" tag and tick the "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" option

Then click "Advanced", and some network providers such as PCCW-Netvigator, iCable, etc. will blocked SMTP port 25 then such case will have to use a special port 250 for sending out mail purposes
Finally, if you want to keep email messages on the server, please do tick "keep a copy of messages on the server"
CLick on "OK"

The following screen appears, and begin testing (this will not take so long as Mac Mail), about ten seconds to be able to finish, and the "close" button could be click

When you press the "Close", the below screen appears, setup finished by clicking the "Finish"

Then you will see more than one e-mail address item you have just setup in the Outlook 2010, as shown by clicking the little three types make expand the item tree

Then click "Inbox" and see the message
If you still can not see the email messages, click the "Send / Receive All Folders"

Setting completed.



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