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Adding email account to Outlook Express

Start your mail client program Outlook Express
Select "Tools" and then "Accounts"

Below screen apear and click on "Mail" tag

after the click you should see an entry called "Add", click on it and then select "Mail..."

type in the name to be displayed in your Email from field

eg, Support (we will use support@uchk.net) in below example

after the click of the Next you will see another dialog box appear and type in your email address and then click "Next"

OK, select POP3 for desktop setting,
For Incoming POP3 server name it should mail.your_domain_name and Outgoing SMTP server name it should smtp.your_domain_name, eg. if you have a domain name eg."uchk.net" then ;
POP3 server name: mail.uchk.net
SMTP server name: smtp.uchk.net
# Remember Username has to be full email address.

Type your email address for "Account Name" and your password that assigned in the "Email Contorol Panel"

Click "Finish" and still need some step for SMTP (sending out ) setting

Click on "Properties"

Click on "Server" tag, and give a tick for "My server require authentication"

Click on "Advanced" tag and change the SMTP port number from 25 to 250 (as some ISP like PCCW Netvigator will block SMTP port 25)
If you prefer to keep email on server even downloaded to Outlook Express then also give a tick on "Leave a copt of messages on server" option.

click "OK" then go back to Accounts dialog box and click "Close" and the account profile creation is finiahed.

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