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Adding email account to ThunderBird

Start your mail client program ThunderBird
Select "Tools" and then "Account Settings"

Below screen apear and click on "Account Actions" as marked red circle

after the click you should see an entry called "Add Mail Account", click on it

type in the information in part one, your display name, email address and password that assigned from the Email Control Panel and then click "Continue"

after the click of "Continue" ThunderBird begin to test the parameter automatically but it will not 100% match the server setting, so we make click "Mamual config"

after the click of "Mamual config" you should see below screen and it shows much parameter, first of all you should design what connection protocol to use;
if this program is used for lap top then IMAP should be more sutiable but if this program is used for desktop then POP3 would be more sutiable

OK, select POP3 for desktop setting,
For Incoming POP3 server name it should mail.your_domain_name and Outgoing SMTP server name it should smtp.your_domain_name, eg. if you have a domain name "example.com" then ;
POP3 server name: mail.example.com
SMTP server name: smtp.example.com
# Remember Username has to be full email address.

an alert will apear and just tick the "I understand the risks" and click "Done"

After the above step all setup should be finished, now click on Inbox and you would see your emails and all DONE.

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