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About UCHK

Union Systems Consultancy (UCHK) is established in 2005, has been providing customers with server management services; and formally established a company in 2006. We offer professional technology to enterprises, organizations and individuals in the pursuit of service quality.
As our customer we will focus on the stable at all of this. You will find we do not make advertising too much in Computer Magazine as advertising is also the cost will transfer to customer and do you think it is the fact.

What We Do

We are providing professional and top level services, including international domain registration, fast web hosting, stable email hosting, secured data backup and VPN tunnel service.

Our Mission

We do not make advertising too much in Computer Magazines as the advertising is also the cost will transfer to customer. We know what we do is aim to offer faster, suitable service packages, and more stable, more reasonable prices, also the best customer service to each client!

Using new technology

Our Data Center is located in Hong Kong, and it is providing 24-hour monitoring and air conditioning to ensure the highest security and quality. Our hosting servers are running at Raid 1 to Raid 5 level; it can provide a stable environment to our customer to host their web data. And our eMail servers are running at Cluster mode (Enterprise class system) which is new technology. Even one of the servers is down, the whole system is still running at normal stage and client do not aware of its failure that guarantee our system can keep 99.99% uptime.

  • Cluster Server System for stable service
  • Intel Xeon or AMD Operon CPU Server
  • RAID configuration for better perfomance
  • 24-hour monitoring and air conditioning
  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime

Comitment with our partner

We know what equipment and service our customer concern about; we have professional support team serves you and we co-operate with our partners who are the famous and popular technical enterprises included:

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