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Publish / Upload homepage with Apple iWeb

After your editing of your web site click on your site name (the red circle) as below, and you should see the Publishing screen,
default will show Publish to MobileMe (Apple Space).

click on the near side arrow button and it will show you more methid for the publishing,
click in FTP Server,

after the click you will see the below screen;

type in the field below;
Site name is for your own reference and could be any text and your contact email,
Server address is your domain name registered, if you registered, eg. domain.com then you should enter domain.com instead of uchk.net
User name is your FTP login ID we gave you from the Web Control Panel information
Password is the password we gave you from the Web Control Panel information too if you not yet changed
Directory/Path is your main path in the server to serve your web site, the format is "/domain/domain_name/public_html, and in our example we are uchk.net so the full path is "/domain/uchk.net/public_html"
No need to touch Protocol as we are using FTP now.

After the above information has been entered, you could test the connection now, and after the Test Connecton has been press you should see the below success dialog box show and click "OK" to close.

Now click on "File" then "Publich Entire Site" as below,

It will appear another dialog saying Contents Rights, just click "Continue" and your site would be upload to our server.

All DONE, and try to open your browser to see your new site now. Happy.

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